[][src]Struct asuran::chunker::buzhash::BuzHash

pub struct BuzHash {
    table: [u64; 256],
    window_size: u32,
    mask: u64,
    min_size: usize,
    max_size: usize,

Settings for a BuzHash Chunker

Uses a randomized lookup table derived from a nonce provided by the repository key material, to help provide resistance against a chunk size based fingerprinting attack, for users who are concerned about such a thing.

This is a very tenuous mitigation for such an attack, borrowed from borg, and is, fundamentally, a temporary work around. The "correct" solution is to implement a better repository structure, that does not leak chunk sizes.


table: [u64; 256]window_size: u32mask: u64min_size: usizemax_size: usize


impl BuzHash[src]

pub fn new(nonce: u64, window_size: u32, mask_bits: u32) -> BuzHash[src]

impl BuzHash[src]

pub fn with_default(nonce: u64) -> BuzHash[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Chunker for BuzHash[src]

type Chunks = BuzHashChunker

The return type of the functions in this trait is an iterator over the chunks of their input. Read more

impl Clone for BuzHash[src]

impl Copy for BuzHash[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for BuzHash

impl Send for BuzHash

impl Sync for BuzHash

impl Unpin for BuzHash

impl UnwindSafe for BuzHash

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