[][src]Struct asuran::chunker::fastcdc::FastCDC

pub struct FastCDC {
    pub min_size: usize,
    pub max_size: usize,
    pub avg_size: usize,

Settings for a fastcdc Chunker

These are limited to usize, and not u64, because this implementation makes extensive use of in memory buffers of size max_size

This chunker, unlike BuzHash does not support any attempted mitigation of chunk based fingerprinting attacks. Those who are concerned about such an attack may wish to use the BuzHash chunker until such a time that a better repository format that does not leak information about chunk sizes can be developed.


min_size: usizemax_size: usizeavg_size: usize

Trait Implementations

impl Chunker for FastCDC[src]

type Chunks = FastCDCChunker

The return type of the functions in this trait is an iterator over the chunks of their input. Read more

impl Clone for FastCDC[src]

impl Copy for FastCDC[src]

impl Default for FastCDC[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for FastCDC

impl Send for FastCDC

impl Sync for FastCDC

impl Unpin for FastCDC

impl UnwindSafe for FastCDC

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