[][src]Struct asuran::manifest::Manifest

pub struct Manifest<T: Backend> {
    internal_manifest: T::Manifest,

Repository manifest

This is the root object of the repository, all objects that are active can be reached through the Mainfest.


internal_manifest: T::Manifest


impl<T: BackendClone> Manifest<T>[src]

pub fn load(repo: &Repository<T>) -> Manifest<T> where
    T: Backend

Loads the manifest from the repository


Will panic if loading the manifest fails

pub async fn set_chunk_settings<'_>(
    &'_ mut self,
    settings: ChunkSettings
) -> Result<()>

Set the Chunk Settings used by the repository

pub async fn chunk_settings<'_>(&'_ mut self) -> ChunkSettings[src]

Gets the default Chunk Settings for the repository

pub async fn commit_archive<'_, '_>(
    &'_ mut self,
    repo: &'_ mut Repository<impl BackendClone>,
    archive: ActiveArchive
) -> Result<()>

Commits an archive to the manifest, then the manifest to the repository

Consumes the repository while commiting it.


Will panic if commiting the archive to the repository fails

pub async fn archives<'_>(&'_ mut self) -> Vec<StoredArchive>[src]

Returns a copy of the list of archives in this repository

Theses can be converted into full archives with StoredArchive::load

pub async fn timestamp<'_>(&'_ mut self) -> Result<DateTime<FixedOffset>>[src]

Provides the timestamp of the manifest's last modification

Trait Implementations

impl<T: Clone + Backend> Clone for Manifest<T> where
    T::Manifest: Clone

impl<T: Debug + Backend> Debug for Manifest<T> where
    T::Manifest: Debug

impl<'de, T: Backend> Deserialize<'de> for Manifest<T> where
    T::Manifest: Deserialize<'de>, 

impl<T: Backend> Serialize for Manifest<T> where
    T::Manifest: Serialize

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<T> RefUnwindSafe for Manifest<T> where
    <T as Backend>::Manifest: RefUnwindSafe

impl<T> Send for Manifest<T> where
    <T as Backend>::Manifest: Send

impl<T> Sync for Manifest<T> where
    <T as Backend>::Manifest: Sync

impl<T> Unpin for Manifest<T> where
    <T as Backend>::Manifest: Unpin

impl<T> UnwindSafe for Manifest<T> where
    <T as Backend>::Manifest: UnwindSafe

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